Charles is a Network Engineer interested in many areas of technology including switches/routers/firewalls, SAN, and virtualization.  He is currently employed by Cisco Systems.  While he likes to think that everything he writes is well reasoned and insightful, the opinions expressed are solely his and do not represent his employer.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hello. I recievd iphone 5 locked to cricket usa.
    You wrote that it can be unlocked when jailbreak will be available. Jailbreak is available now.
    Can you please advise with this? What i can do with carrier settings on iphone to useit with GSM?

    • stizzac says:

      Hi Tom,

      Jailbreaking and unlocking are different. You can Jailbreak your Cricket iPhone 5 but you can’t unlock it.

      At this time I am unaware of the method to unlock the Cricket iPhone 5. It can be unlocked for _international_ use after 6 months of continuous use on their network but not for use on another network in North America. (In other words you cannot use the Cricket iPhone 5 with another carrier in the USA.)


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