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Dear Browns fans…

I am not sure what happened here but we have enough bad press without this.  

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Securing an eBGP session with a static VTI while using physical interface for data plane.

A common and reasonable requirement would be to secure communications of the control plane for BGP between two neighbors to provide data authentication, confidentiality and anti-replay.  Since BGP does not possess any inherent security mechanism other than MD5 authentication (and

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Observation of CCIE R&S Lab Version 5.

I took and failed the CCIE R&S v5 lab last Friday. It was my first attempt at the version 5 and third overall.  I wanted to throw some random tidbits out there about my impression of the lab while withholding anything that

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Cisco to introduce “Network Defined Software” project code named “Closed Stack”.

The industry is abuzz about the ongoing transformation of the data center!   With technologies like SDN, OpenStack and so called “white box” switching, insiders have voiced their opinion that these changes spell certain trouble for status quo players like Cisco.  Cisco

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Full-on CCIE study mode.

I am now in the final phase of lab prep for my CCIE R&S v5 exam. I am disconnecting from as much media as possible to focus all minutes of the day possible on the exam. Hopefully in 90 days

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What is UASP?

I was looking for an external USB enclosure to house a spare 256 GB SDD that I have laying here on my desk. While looking around I noticed a housing for about $20 on Amazon that boasts support of “UASP.”

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3 reasons for the occurrences of the RSTP backup role.

Alternate title: Monday morning musing on the RSTP backup port role. Arguably the most misunderstood role in RSTP is the so called “backup” port role. The mantra of this role is typically that this type of port should not been

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  • RFC 8196: IS-IS Autoconfiguration July 20, 2017
    Finally a group of engineers figured out it’s a good idea to make things less complex instead of heaping layers of complexity on top of already-complex kludges.RFC 8196 specifies default values and extensions to IS-IS that make it a true plug-and-play routing protocol. I wonder when we’ll see it implemented now that everyone is obsessed with intent-based hyp […]
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