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3 reasons for the occurrences of the RSTP backup role.

Alternate title: Monday morning musing on the RSTP backup port role. Arguably the most misunderstood role in RSTP is the so called “backup” port role. The mantra of this role is typically that this type of port should not been

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Snooping around with IGMP Snooping.

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RE: Simple STP Problem 80% Get Wrong

I have had some very interesting feedback (mostly of disbelief at my answer) including from a very popular certification prep vendor’s technical editor about this post.  As a cross reference see my other post titled “Simple STP Problem 80% Get

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Simple STP Problem 80% Get Wrong

The 80% number is just a shot in the dark guess it may be lower or higher but I personally have not had anyone answer this question correctly.  Looking at various documentation the 4th STP tie breaker is not well understood.

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TRILL versus vPC

I was asked by several engineers last week if “TRILL was better than vPC.”  I appreciate being asked the question since, apparently, I was viewed as knowledgeable enough on the subject to give a reasonably accurate answer.  In short, comparing

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Spanning-tree Conundrum

The following depicts a basic L2 topology with Cisco switches running default configuration of STP.  S1 has been elected the root bridge for all VLANs.  The incoming port costs have been labeled on several of the links. 1.  Which link

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Quote from Radia Perlman.

A profound thought: “But the world would be a better place if more engineers, like me, hated technology. The stuff I design, if I’m successful, nobody will ever notice. Things will just work, and be self-managing. Though, I’ve learned that some

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