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What is UASP?

I was looking for an external USB enclosure to house a spare 256 GB SDD that I have laying here on my desk. While looking around I noticed a housing for about $20 on Amazon that boasts support of “UASP.”

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Quick iSCSI Target with FreeNAS

Ever been in a situation where you needed to turn x-storage (USB drive, local storage, network share, etc.) into an iSCSI target?  Maybe you are showing a potential customer proof-of-concept, working on a home brew project or just looking to monkey around with something

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iSCSI pitfalls.

This past year I had the opportunity to be involved in a number of storage projects.  One project that is somewhat memorable was a customer replacing their now aging FC SAN with 10GbE based iSCSI.  We worked through a number

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iSCSI to upsurp Fiber-Channel?

Probably not. However in recent years, with advent of more robust Ethernet & Datacenter switching technologies such at 10 GbE, layer 2 multipathing techniques, a once maligned protocol is getting a second look.  iSCSI seems to trending well in mid-market deployments were

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Network Benchmarking – Part 1

Anyone working in the industry for awhile has observed that the network tends to be blamed for many application issues whether deserved or not.  Occasionally Network Engineers are in put in a position to prove it is not their network to blame for

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