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Securing an eBGP session with a static VTI while using physical interface for data plane.

A common and reasonable requirement would be to secure communications of the control plane for BGP between two neighbors to provide data authentication, confidentiality and anti-replay.  Since BGP does not possess any inherent security mechanism other than MD5 authentication (and

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Getting catty with Netcat.

Netcat.  I have heard it described as the swiss army knife of network utilities.  Yes there are other tools that can do the same things (such as iPerf) and NetCat only runs on Linux.  However every Network Engineer must have a softspot in their

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Network Benchmarking – Part 1

Anyone working in the industry for awhile has observed that the network tends to be blamed for many application issues whether deserved or not.  Occasionally Network Engineers are in put in a position to prove it is not their network to blame for

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Hacking the Pix 506E & Lab Woes

I ran into a few issues that prevented me from getting as far I would have liked.  As my wife famously once said to me, “If it’s not something, it’s something else.” First issue was lack of Ethernet ports.  I

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Charles Stizza

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  • Coming Full Circle on IPv6 Address Length September 26, 2017
    In the Future of Networking with Fred Baker Fred mentioned an interesting IPv6 deployment scenario: give a /64 prefix to every server to support container deployment, and run routing protocols between servers and ToR switches to advertise the /64 prefix to the data center fabric preferably using link-local addresses.Let’s recap:Read more ...
    Ivan Pepelnjak