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Securing an eBGP session with a static VTI while using physical interface for data plane.

A common and reasonable requirement would be to secure communications of the control plane for BGP between two neighbors to provide data authentication, confidentiality and anti-replay.  Since BGP does not possess any inherent security mechanism other than MD5 authentication (and

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Clearing console TTY lines with an EEM script.

Running a console server is required if you have more than a few devices in your lab. Getting everyone to log out in a shared lab environment is a losing battle. Heck, I can’t even do that in my own

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CCNP lab-on-stick with VRF-lite.

Done with studying for the day and about to call it a night. I have a 2811 router here in my office that I was practicing some OSPF and ZFW commands on. I got to thinking: imagine if you were

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Huge pitfall when calling route-map.

File this under huge pitfall.  Every now and then I run into this and get a good laugh at myself for committing this error.  Take note of the following route-map: ! route-map EIGRP2OSPF permit 10 match ip address NET- set

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OmniGraffle > Visio

I have been using an iMac for about 6 months as my home office computer, leveraging a Windows 7 VM in VMware Fusion for non native Mac apps.  2 weeks ago I started using a MacBook Pro as my primary work

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CCIE lab build.

Just got done racking the hardware for my practice lab to be used for the CCIE R&S.  It is interesting to reflect on how much has changed in the past few years since I built my first practice lab.  It

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Network Benchmarking – Part 3: EXFO FTB-860, a richman’s throughput test.

Now that we looked at a shoestring budget throughput test, lets take a look at something with a bit more brawn and $.  Enter the EXFO FTB-860.  The concept is similar to the previous topology but instead of two Linux

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