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Full-on CCIE study mode.

I am now in the final phase of lab prep for my CCIE R&S v5 exam. I am disconnecting from as much media as possible to focus all minutes of the day possible on the exam. Hopefully in 90 days

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OSPF Order of Preference.

Warning chicanery ahead. Here we have an unassuming and and quite modest OSPF network.  The problem we have is that due to OSPF order of preference, traffic transiting from R1 – R4  (to R4’s loopback interface [, Area 0]) will

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RE: Simple STP Problem 80% Get Wrong

I have had some very interesting feedback (mostly of disbelief at my answer) including from a very popular certification prep vendor’s technical editor about this post.  As a cross reference see my other post titled “Simple STP Problem 80% Get

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Got Nothing Good…

No really…I have nothing to post.    Delivering an introductory MPLS training and working on CCIE lab study.  If you have not done so take a look into MPLS-VPN.  It is way cool.   Have a good week!

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EIGRP Auto Summary – Part II

In part two of our analysis of the EIGRP auto summary feature, lets look at the first two step in our flow chart.  To recap, we had determined that the path to auto summary was a bit more deceiving than

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EIGRP Auto Summary – Part I

Looking over the CCIE R&S Blueprint I wanted to read up on the EIGRP auto summarization feature.  From what I had recalled from studying previously it is not as simple as the name or many discussions (like blog posts…) make

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Simple STP Problem 80% Get Wrong

The 80% number is just a shot in the dark guess it may be lower or higher but I personally have not had anyone answer this question correctly.  Looking at various documentation the 4th STP tie breaker is not well understood.

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