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Full-on CCIE study mode.

I am now in the final phase of lab prep for my CCIE R&S v5 exam. I am disconnecting from as much media as possible to focus all minutes of the day possible on the exam. Hopefully in 90 days

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3 reasons for the occurrences of the RSTP backup role.

Alternate title: Monday morning musing on the RSTP backup port role. Arguably the most misunderstood role in RSTP is the so called “backup” port role. The mantra of this role is typically that this type of port should not been

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Clearing console TTY lines with an EEM script.

Running a console server is required if you have more than a few devices in your lab. Getting everyone to log out in a shared lab environment is a losing battle. Heck, I can’t even do that in my own

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CCNP lab-on-stick with VRF-lite.

Done with studying for the day and about to call it a night. I have a 2811 router here in my office that I was practicing some OSPF and ZFW commands on. I got to thinking: imagine if you were

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Huge pitfall when calling route-map.

File this under huge pitfall.  Every now and then I run into this and get a good laugh at myself for committing this error.  Take note of the following route-map: ! route-map EIGRP2OSPF permit 10 match ip address NET- set

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CCIE Practice Lab Humble Pie

During my afternoon practice session today I was served healthy portion of humble pie.  About 3/4 of the way through a configuration lab (CCIE 360) things were cruising along when I was suddenly greeted with this ominous console message part

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I have always had a difficult time remembering the different nuances between the various OSPF NBMA modes.  I finally bit the bullet and memorized them. Interestingly I think the best way to approach this is to order them in a

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